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ELEMENTS OF KIAIKI - Holistic Personal Development and Chakra Therapy
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What is Chakra Therapy ?

chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel. For several thousand years different eastern nations have believed in the treatment of the body holistically, through their understanding of the energy paths within the body, often seeing chakras as spinning wheels or spirals in a vortex which originates in the base of the spine and rises through to the top of the head. Different gurus offer different visions. Chakras are described as spinning in all directions or even as a ball. In meditation, the visualisation of chakras is helped by these descriptions.

This is true not only of ayurveda, the Indian life science system from which indian head massage derives, it is also closely reflected in Chi Gung (& Tai Chi), Shiatsu, Reiki and Kiatsu. The chi or ki in Chinese and Japanese healing arts means life force and equates to prana. All the words also mean breath as well as life, and make extensive use of breathing exercises.

Acupressure, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Polarity etc. are derived from the much older and more spiritually aware sciences. Many of them began in India, travelled to the rest of Asia ( some modified, especially in China and Japan) and then to the West.

What is Holistic Personal Development?

The Ayurvedic Indian healing arts are holistic and believe that physical illness is the result of disruption to the energy flow somewhere in the body, not necessarily at the site of the pain or infection. In India, preventative measures include Yoga asanas, pranayama and puja purification of the spirit (Hindu religion). The 7 chakras are visualised as images on the physical body, yet they are not part of it, being spirit energy.

Energy is drawn from grounding with the earth and from cosmic energy above, in a cyclic flow through the body. 
Poor grounding or disrupted chakras creates illness. The chakras are linked with parts of the physical body closest to them, but all are interlinked in the column which provides the vortex of energy. Indian head massage, often used with essential oils, works mainly on the upper chakras but affects (holistically) the whole body through the meridians, channels, lymph etc.

KIAIKI martial arts and ki development exercises are base entirely upon harmonisation of the individual's energy and spirit with nature.  An attacker disrupts this harmony. Training is given in restoring harmony by destroying an attack without harm to the attacker.