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Japanese and Indian
Energy Harmonisation Techniques

~~Personal Development
~~Martial Arts Instruction / Self defence
~~Therapeutic Massage inc. Indian Head Massage  
~~Energy Balancing

Kiaiki provides you with a range of holistic development techniques. Following a consultation, therapies and training may include:

Ki energy development exercises
(including breathing and movement)

Chakra balancing and Holistic Massage 
therapy (including indian head massage)

Martial Arts based on Aikido and Aikijujutsu

One to One Self Defence tuition

Individual or group sessions in Kiaiki development are available for anyone who wishes to improve their access to this ancient form of energy for their own well-being and/or learn an effective system of aiki based self defence.

Holistic therapy will only be offered following a confidential consultation.

The range of conditions which may benefit from the Kiaiki therapies include:

~ stress, anxiety, fear and anger
~ headaches, migraines, tiredness
~ back and neck pain
~ sinus and associated problems
~ muscle aches and joint mobility


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David Green

MICHT IIHHT(Qualified)
BEd Hons

Member of the International Council
of Holistic Therapists

Fully qualified and insured holistic therapy
practitioner and martial arts instructor

Based in Bath, UK:


07789 220720 (ring or text me)

Outside UK ring: +44 7789 220720

Email Kiaiki