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KIAIKI is, literally translated from the Japanese, 'energy for harmony with the spirit'. Martial arts such as Aikido also use 'aiki' to blend with the force of an attack and neutralise the aggressor. The aim of KIAIKI is HOLISTIC PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT.

The ki referred to is also a part of Reiki and Shiatsu therapies and links closely with chi energy upon which Chinese therapies and martial arts are based.

An innate awareness' (zanshin) develops over a period of training and individual growth. It gives both an ability to blend and harmonise with the natural world and detect/protect against any disturbance, ranging from the spiritual to the physically violent.

The exercises and techniques used in kiaiki have existed unchanged for thousands of years. In many traditions they have remained closely protected.

Individual and group sessions are possible.
In addition to consultation, therapy and tuition, practice of techniques at home is encouraged.

Many books also exist, but no technique should ever be attempted without proper guidance. At best, they may be ineffective, at worst they may be harmful.

Kiaiki  Holistic Personal Development

David Green

MICHT IIHHT(Qualified)
BEd Hons

Member of the International Council
of Holistic Therapists

fully qualified and insured holistic therapist and martial arts

Based near Bath in the UK

for an appointment :

07868 696454 (ring or text me)

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